LBSC 690, Fall 2010

Web Portfolio Goal #1

Please submit your work here:


Link to your Web Portfolio Goal Page:

0. Sample Student
1. Izzy Bae
2.Krystel Padilla
Women's Health Library
3.Tony Mick
DC Social Studies Image Library for Kindergarteners (best in Safari)
4.Claire Wang
Basic Guide to Sanitary Practices
5.Jessica Ondusko
Music from Around the Globe for Children
6.Andrea F. Goltz
UN Education Library ConsortiumBest in Firefox
7. Lisa Norton
Ghana's Girls Club Library
8. Meghan Ryan
United Nations Education Access Program
9. Courtney Geerhart
Digital Library: To Help Physically Disabled Children
10. Joycelyn Carandang
If possible, please view website through IE or Safari. Basically, anything but Firefox! Project Visual Aids
11.Maria Fustero
A Digital Library for Children in Thailand
12.Alex Kerber
Digital Culture Library
13.Amanda Waugh
Folktales Literacy Project
14.Christine Thompson
Tales With Tails Digital Library
15.Suzanne Carney
ESL Children's Digital Library Best with Firefox
16.Julia Lee
The Virtual Teacher
17.Sierra Dangerfield-Harris
Universal Lesson Plans
18.Samantha McGarity
Online Children's Literature Resource best with Firefox

20. Lindsay Sarin
Project Athena
21.Hannah Erickson
The Idiom Dictionary
22.Will Gray
Lets Read
23.Jessica Samowitz
School Book Portal
24.Jennie Ray
Resources for Educators of Dyslexic Students
25.Brittany Cooper
Resources for Life Digital Library
26.Liz Larson
Real World Math (best in Firefox)
27.John Williams
African Literacy