LBSC 690, Fall 2010

Web Portfolio Goal Final Project

Please submit your work here:


Link to your Web Portfolio Goal Page:

0. Sample Student
1. Izzy Bae
Ocean Protectors' Logbooks (only checked on Firefox)
User account: user/password
Ship account: maryceleste/ghostship
To see in iPad interface:
(Warning: breaks Youtube embeds in vertical mode)
2. Samantha McGarity
Is it really (RED)? (firefox only, please)
3. Krystel Padilla
tradeFAIR (best in Chrome)
4. Julia Lee
Goods for Good (I know it works in Chrome)
5. Amanda Waugh
BabyLove (Best in IE)
6. Andrea Goltz
ArtEmpower (Best in Firefox, Safari OK)
7. Meghan Ryan
Anything You Can Do
8. Joycelyn Carandang
The Green Traveler
9. Lisa Norton
Healing Path (best in Safari)
10. Jessica Ondusko
GreenHome Tutorial (best in IE)
11. Alex Kerber
Car Free Network (best in Safari)
12. Maria Fustero
Recycling Tutorial for Children (best in IE)
13. Claire Wang
Cell Phone Impact
14. Courtney Geerhart
End Gender Violence Now (best in Safari or Chrome)

16. Will Gray
Gender Equity through Women's Enfranchisement (Best in Firefox.)
17. Lindsay Sarin
DC StoryShare
18. Suzanne Carney
Surgery in the Sub-Sahara (Tested in Firefox)
19. Jessica Samowitz
GreenTeach (Best in Firefox)
20.Christine Thompson
The Banbha Project (Best in Firefox)
21.Sierra Dangerfield-Harris
Shopper/Helper (Please view in Chrome)
22. Elizabeth Larson
Metro Vox OCR Translator
23.Jennie Ray
Songs for Health! (Usually works in Firefox, but not always.)
24.John Williams
Children and Poverty
25.Brittany Cooper
Girl Talk
26. Hannah Erickson
Should I Throw It Away?